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Saso Mijalkov in an interview with Dnevnik: If Macedonia is united, no one can impose harmful solutions

This in an exclusive interview with the daily newspaper ” Dnevnik ” says Director of UBK, Saso Mijalkov, who added that the recent events are “a signal that we need to work more with young people, and clearly that inter-ethnic trust the past 20 -odd years was not built on good enough foundation, or omissible dedicated enough relations of all social and political factors.”

-Worse is that these incidents, because of the context, get more serious and different meaning, and send a negative image of the country. This message reaches out to potential investors and to our partners in the international community. Then we need twice as much effort to explain the situation, and get to the desired position – says Director of UBK, Saso Mijalkov, answering the question of whether recent events in the village Stajkovci are sign for breach of the security situation in Macedonia.

Mijalkov says that it is a fact that these events were before, but the public, especially after 2001, is particularly sensitive in these developments.

- Only in the first 9 months of this year, we have filed charges against 140 persons, most of whom are minors. All of them are our children. Moreover, those against whom charges were filed are one’s children, whose life will be marked with a police record. We must devote ourselves to preventing such a crisis through various programs and through upbringing and educational process, to make clear to our children that with only unity and tolerance we can succeed. Are these scenarios have involved foreign service, we could not say, because it is not our way of working to go out with accusations that have no evidence, says Mijalkov.

Dnevnik: In the late nineties of the last century in the beginning of a new decade, it seemed that the security services were like Swiss cheese. Is such a thing possible to repeat?

- No. MIA and ASC are in better shape than ever. In equipment, in terms of personal capacities, organizational structure and methodology of work, discipline, and subordination. What I caught in 2006 was at least embarrassing and striking. No career system, outdated organizational structure, centralization and distanced from the citizens. As someone deliberately wanted to devalue the services, and through them to deteriorate the country’s position. In of all MI, we had less than 500 computers, and still drove cars “Zastava 101″ and “golf2″. In these seven years we have fully renewed the fleet, procured 4 helicopters, renovated police stations, implemented the project “Safe city”, introduced 24 -hour video surveillance at all border crossings, installed TETRA systems, invested million Euros in criminal technical laboratories and implemented many projects and reforms in the system. The difference is more than obvious. At the time of our predecessors, cocaine disappeared from the depot, we had a record seizure in the region, and we regularly participate in international actions. They did not even think to enter into Cair, and the Prime Minister negotiated with group from Kondovo that held the country hostage for six months. Now all its members are in jail, and we realized actions as “Mountain Storm”. They did not saw crime in “Bacilo” not thought to cope, for example, with the Frankfurt mafia or Kocani’s underground organizations etc, let alone to wipe out urban and tobacco mafia. Citizens recognized this difference and supported it. There is no turning back.

Dnevnik: Lately Macedonia as a state and the current government is accused of selective justice. By your opinion, to which extent these allegations are based on evidence?

- If the opposition has based its allegations of evidence, I believe that at least once they were going to presented it. Following their logic, everyone is innocent, even if the court based on the evidence ruled otherwise. For the opposition, crime in Macedonia never existed. The fact that we were on the bottom of the list of “Transparency” is just tendency for the government. Citizens can complain that they paid and not gotten an apartment, but these affairs as “Fikom” are nonexistent, the accused of “Mashinopromet” were declared as innocent and did not explained how a registered commodity with zero value, set for destruction, is sold in stores at regular price. If you ask the opposition, the convicted previous mayor of Aerodrom from ranks of the ruling party, and party officials from the current government is also selective justice. Yes, we select, but the selection is of those who respect the law and those who operate against the law and enrich on the burden of citizens. For them, we do not have and will not have mercy regardless of political affiliation. Opposition selects depending on whether it is their member or supporter. If someone sues them for defamation then it is an attempt to pressure and silence. When they sue the media, than it is about seeking justice. Hypocrisy and inconsistency.

Dnevnik: Are due to political pressures, domestic or foreign, you were in a situation to turn to someone a blind eye?

At the moment when someone needs to be let off, because of pressures, my resignation will be sealed. That would mean I do not have any power nor the will to fight for the things I believe in and I think is fair. For now, that moment is distant. I cannot say that there was no pressure, but I felt strong enough to resist. The citizens have given us the mandate for indiscriminate and uncompromising fight against crime and corruption. It is easier to resist the pressures when you have their support.

Dnevnik: After all the accusations and allegations that came from Radmila Sekerinska and SDSM against you and your response to it, is there a conflict of interest in the function and in possession of private business?

Two years ago, after the conviction of slander against Boškovski the court stated its mind for the unfounded accusations. After the verdict, not really anything left to add, but to conclude that is the politician’s non-inventive attempt to impose at his own party as some relevant factor. However, I understand the need of every politician through legitimate political instrument to lead a political struggle and political dialogue, but we must not forget that you need to keep the level of code of political behavior. In the absence of vision, and in a time when the media in Greece praise you for promoting the attitude of shared responsibility imposed on the name issue, it is clear that we should find a way to turn public attention. She, unfortunately, did not learn the lessons that the lies and manipulations cannot get support from citizens. For me it is important that there is no doubt for any illegal operations, either in the country or abroad. We adjusted the only error in the excerpt, and I expect the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption to comment on all checks made. There is no conflict of interest. The law does not prohibit an official to pre-own a private business. After all, former U.S. President George Bush Sr. was part of the oil business, and then headed the CIA. Should laws be changed in this country, I would certainly honor them to decide between private business and office. Shekerinska blames me for business that I own many years ago, before I became Director of UBK. Many people know me in Macedonia and abroad and know when and how I was part of a private business.

Dnevnik: Shekerinska announced that she has not opened all the cards about you, and they are still to be open.

As I said a while ago, you should observe the level of political dialogue and political struggle. I do not like when using poker slang when it comes to political relations between politicians and officials who carry social responsibility. Due to the nature of my practice function and global officials who carry my responsibility, I rarely go out in public with interviews and opinions and I wanted this interview to take on more crucial topic. And I leave politics to those whose job it is, and it fulfills them.

Dnevnik: What is your relationship with the Prime Minister? Was there crisis moments in that relationship in these seven years, and is something damaged compared to the situation before 2006?

It is challenging that we have much less time to see and talk privately. Since then, for me, first of all, he is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, and obligations impose that professional issues have priority on private issues. When it comes to work and responsibility, I can say that there is no deviation or pretend. Citizens have given us the mandate, and the work in their interest must be a priority.

Dnevnik : You are member of the party executive committee and you are considered as man that has a major impact on the party’s personnel policy. In what condition is VMRO – DPMNE and whether you thought who will be the party candidate for the upcoming presidential election?

Knowing myself, I would never say that I am satisfied. If VMRO -DPMNE can currently win 60 MPs, I will continue to insist to work with citizens and to present our program and to seek support for projects that we aim to realize. We should not be satisfied with the current ratings and surveys. To be effective, it is desirable to get majority in Parliament, and in this respect, I would not like to state that we are in an ideal condition. We have to do more and to do it better. As far as the presidential candidate who we will take to the upcoming elections, the public will be on time informed, once all internal procedures are completed and after we decide for, in our opinion, the best solution for Macedonia.